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Advertising & Branding


Advertising Services

Promote your company, event, services, and products.

Hernder Sign

Marketing Materials

Do you want to bring attention to your company? Do you have a message you want to let people know? Pump Marketing is here to help bring awareness to your Niagara business!


We will design a graphic to be used as a business card, flyer, or sign to attract your target audience. 

$120 - $300

Image by Joey Huang

Video & Instagram Reels

Videos can be shared and distributed across various online platforms. This broader reach enables businesses to connect with a larger audience and increase brand visibility.

Includes the creation and upload of an 8-10 second video with audio, caption, and hashtags, using stock or existing video.

$150 - $400

Analyzing the data

Campaign Strategy

Pump Marketing can help your business reach its goals with a custom strategy. We will research your company and target market, then design a campaign strategy to promote your business.

Includes a new marketing strategy, competitor analysis, recommendations, social media example posts and more.


Gallery Poster

Paid Ads

We can help boost sales for your products or services through targeted paid ads. 

 Our ads can help your business by highlighting the benefits, features, or discounts associated with your product or service.

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Image by Brett Jordan

Email Marketing

We will design monthly emails designed to increase engagement with your brand while promoting your products and services to your current customers.

Our email marketing techniques will help you build relationships with customers and drive sales.

$400/ Month

Burger Packaging


Pump Marketing can match you with the right sponsorship opportunities to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Whether you are looking for sponsorships, looking to sponsor an event, or looking for influencers to do a sponsored ad, we are here to help. 

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Branding Services

Strengthen your brand Identity to improve how customers perceive your company, events, products and services.

Therapy Business Cards

Business Cards

Business cards are great for advertising your business via word of mouth. A fresh and clear design can help you connect with people across Niagara.

We will create a front and back business card design for you to get printed. 


Pump Doctor Flyer

Branded Designs

Whether it's for a special event or a new product, Pump Marketing can design the marketing materials you need.


We can design pamphlets, catalogues, menus, labels, and more! 


Image by Olena Sergienko

Branding Packages

We will create a brand package for your company to establish your brand identity.  Includes primary logo, secondary logo, color pallet, typography, mood board,  and 1 of the following: letterhead, folder design, or social media grid layout.


Take Your Business To The Next Level!

Contact us today to pump up your Niagara business.

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