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Event Marketing

Fancy Night Event
Red Carpet Event

Event Marketing Services

Increase the value of your brand through events. We offer the following services to help your business build relationships, promote services or products and generate leads

Live Show

Event Promotion

Promote your event through our social media. We will create 1 reel, 1 post and share stories before and during your event on Instagram.

We will create an event on Facebook or share the one you created to Facebook groups and Google.


Female Using Computer

Event Marketing Strategy

We create a plan to promote your event. This includes: Strategy call, plan, 10 posts and 4 videos made with existing content. We measure the analytics, get feedback and post a thank you video after the event.


Wedding Table Setup

Event Planning

We will help plan, organize, and execute an event to promote your business. 

This includes: Strategy call and event outline, plan to meet your objectives and goals and event set up. Let us take care of the stress and we’ll help grow your Niagara business.


Take Your Business To The Next Level!

Contact us today to pump up your Niagara business.

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