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Steps For Marketing A Small Business

Have you been wanting to grow your small business to make more money? In this article, you will understand the importance of marketing for small businesses and the steps to take when marketing your small business.

Marketing for small businesses involves different operations than marketing for large corporations. Mostly due to the fact that new businesses need to start from the beginning with no help, whereas large businesses already have some branding and marketing materials along with an entire marketing team to get things done.

For small businesses, the important thing to remember is to take it slow. There are many basics needed to run a business and to try to rush to get them all done will not be in anyone's best interest. Start with one thing at a time and keep building up from there.

Step #1 - Build a Brand Identity

The first step to marketing a small business is to build a strong brand identity. A brand identity involves a unique logo, matching colour pallet, fonts, consistent messaging, tone of voice and company values.

Building a strong brand will help your company stand out as unique and memorable, and foster trust, and connection with your target audience.

Step #2 - Create a Business Social Media Account

Once you have your brand identity finalized, the next step is to create a business social media account on Facebook, Instagram and/ or Tick-Tock. Create a social media account that showcases your company logo, colours, messaging and images and be sure to include company info and keywords in your bio.

Social media accounts increase credibility and allow you to build relationships with your target audience and current customers.

"Social media is not just an option for businesses anymore; it's an absolute necessity. " – Unknown

Step #3 - Create a Business Card

After you have your brand identity and social media accounts created, the next step for marketing small businesses is to make a business card. Business cards allow you to increase the word of mouth of your business.

The more people who have business cards like yours, the more people will be recommending your products and services to others. Having an appealing, legible, and up-to-date business card is essential to marketing small businesses.

Step #4 - Build a Landing Page or Website

One of the final steps to marketing a small business is to build a website or landing page. People go to Google before making most of their purchases so if your business is not on Google, how can you expect to be found?

Not everyone has Instagram or Facebook, but almost everyone uses Google. A landing page is one online page designed to convert website traffic into leads. A website has more information and multiple pages like Contact Us, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Clients, etc.

Step #5 - Get Out There and Start Networking

The final step for marketing your small business is to get out to events, community gatherings and networking dinners to spread the word about your business and connect with members of the community and other business owners in Niagara.

Do not underestimate the value of relationships.

Be Yourself & You Will Succeed

Great businesses are nothing without great owners. If you stay true to your ethics your small business will succeed no matter what. If you need help with marketing your small business, contact Pump Marketing to get started.

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